The Crazy Mushroom  LbNA # 66717

Placed DateApr 10 2014
LocationVa Du Mar McMillan, Boiling Springs, SC
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Last EditedSep 19 2015

Two boxes located at Va Du Mar McMillan Park in Boiling Springs: 591 McMillan Road

The Crazy Mushroom:
When you enter the park, take the first left. Park in the parking lot past the playground near the football field. Head toward the side of the football field. When you get to the field you will notice that there is a set of stairs leading to the field. Go to the side of the football field opposite the stairs. Continue in that direction and you will see a stream . When you reach the stream, take the path to the right. When you reach the first bridge, look under the bridge on the side closest to the rock wall to find the box. Please make sure to re-hide the box so that it won't get wash away in a heavy rain.

The Crazy DNA:
From the Crazy Mushroom letterbox, go over the bridge and take the path straight up the hill. You will now be in the middle of the disc golf course. Continue up the hill until you get to the basket for hole #9. At the basket, head to your right toward the pad for hole #10. When you are about half way between basket #9 and #10 look to your right for a large stump about 15 feet from the path. There is a large log between the trail and the stump. The letterbox is hidden at the base of the stump. Please make sure to re-hide the box when you are done.