Hop like a Bunny  LbNA # 66732

Placed DateApr 13 2014
LocationRed Mountain Park, Birmingham, AL
Found Byfleetwood7
Last UpdateMay 19 2014


Starting from the main kiosk, at the entrance to Red Mountain Park, turn left onto the BMRR South Trail. This is the first part of your letterbox search.
To get to your clue, walk backwards 10 paces (watching out for hikers) and then spin around facing the other way.
Next, hop 5 paces while wiggling your nose like a bunny.
Then, walk 20 huge paces while making bear grunts (20 huge paces = 40 steps)
Walk tip-toed five small steps. You should see a large pile of rocks on the left of the path.
From there, act like an orangutan for about 15 paces until you come across a tree on the left with a small crevice in it, just big enough for a bunny rabbit, or perhaps even a letterbox!