I LOVE Girl Scouts!!  LbNA # 66747

Placed DateApr 16 2014
LocationWilliamsburg Community Park, Williamsburg, OH
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Brownie troop 45322 has been working on their Letterboxing Patch for a few weeks now. Their last requirement "hide a letterbox" fulfills their requirements. The girls had a great time designing their own stamps and finding the perfect place to hide their letterbox. Thank you for looking!

Letter Box #1

Placed by troop 45322's 2nd graders from Williamsburg Elementary School (Kenslee, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Keira, Alyssa, Lili, Maggie)

1. Start at the volleyball court.
2. Head SW 56 steps toward Frisbee golf #18
3. Go over rock wall
4. Turn left
5. You will find the letterbox in a tree stump!

Letterbox #2

Placed by troop 45322's 3rd graders from Williamsburg Elementary School (Kaitlyn, Megan, Brooklyn, Allyson, Abigail, Anna, Jordan, Cadence, Ryanne, Emma)

1.Start at water fountain
2. Walk west to disc golf 6
3. Walk south to disc golf 7
4. Go across a small bridge
5. Turn left at the memorial plate
6. Walk 12 steps
7. Here is where you find what you have been looking for.