Car Shop  LbNA # 66757

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Placed DateApr 18 2014
LocationRed Mountain Park, Birmingham, AL
Found ByInveterate Learner
Last UpdateMay 18 2014


• To find this letterbox, follow these instructions:
• First go to Ishkood Mine #13, an area known as the Car Shop.
• You will come across 2 big rooms, go to the one furthest away from the main sign (NE corner).
• Go the opening.
• Make car noises and steer your way to the exit on the other side.
• Steer your car to the right and follow the wall to the corner closest to the road.
• Park your car, then find the crevice in the concrete wall. There will a little box inside, you have just found your letterbox! Honk your horn 3 times!!