Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page The Hidden Path  LbNA # 66766

OwnerThe Finding Flowers    
Placed DateApr 19 2014
LocationFairway Drive, Union, NJ
Found By Naninque
Last Found Jul 31 2016
Hike Distance?

To begin, you will want to park near the end of Fairway drive (where it dead ends). At the end of the street is a steel girder. On the other side is a paved path that runs through the woods. Take that path and cross Michigan ave at the cross walk to Black Brook Park. Be careful. This is a pretty busy street.
Follow the paved path through the park and past Shallcross Pond. The path will come to a T. Make a right and cross Springfield Ave at the crosswalk. If you are up for a snack there is a Grilled Cheese stand on your right before you cross. Once again, use caution when crossing. Cars zip by here pretty fast and are coming around some bends.
Once you cross the street you'll will enter another wooded area. This is my favorite part of the path. The best part of this letterbox is getting to it. This little park is just a path that runs from Union, through Kenilworth, and ends up across the street from Nomahegan park. It's a great running path. People ride bikes and walk their dogs here. It's nice just to enjoy the quiet seclusion as you get further in the park. It's a little gem in a busy, crowded part of the state.
The entire path through the woods is 1 1/2 miles. Your trek through this part is only 1/2 mile, though. As you follow the path be sure to take notice of the QR codes on the trees. You can use them to pull up info about the different kinds of trees on your phone. Some of the trees you'll pass early on the trail are a Black Walnut, a Mocknut Hickory, and an American Sycamore. That Sycamore will be on your right next to two large rocks and just after the 1/4 mile marker.
Soon you will cross a walking bridge. Once over the bridge the path will climb a small hill. Keep your eyes open, because you will need to break off of the paved path. There is a Hard Hat memorial to some one who passed in 2011. Just passed that is a large tree that looks like it was broken off from its stump 10 or 20 feet up. That will be across from a tree on the left of the path marked as a Pin Oak. Directly across from the Pin Oak is a small beaten trail that runs down the hill off of the paved path. Follow that trail.
If you look closely you will see a line of young trees on that trail that are staked (some are marked as London Plane). Follow the trail as it bends to the left. Continue down the path until it comes to a fork. Stop at the fork. You will see a fence (for the paved path) ahead and above you. To your left there is a shelf of downed branches. Underneath the branches and some leaves is our box. BONUS: If you are the first person to find our box, you'll see a hitchhiker we found in our first find. Pleas take it and pass it on to your next box.
On your way out you can just turn around or you can continue on and enjoy the rest of the path.