Cerrillos Birr  LbNA # 66774

Placed DateApr 20 2014
CountySanta Fe
LocationCerrillos State Park, Cerrillos, NM
Found By ArnoldZiffel
Last Found Dec 29 2014
Hike Distance?

Cerrillos Birr

This is not a geocache. Please do not take the stamp as a trade item and do not leave any trinkets.
Bring your own ink.

A birr is a Scots word so use a rolling r to get the brogue. It means something that is so full of energy it whirs when it sits still.

Directions: From the visitors' center, go north across the San Marcos Arroyo unless it's full of water--if it is, give thanks and wait for another day. Park in the first parking area and pay the $5 a vehicle fee--only exact change. Maps are available there so pick one up. Find the Jane Calvin Sanchez Trail.

Clue: Hike the horse-hoofed trail north-easterly past a non-infidel mine to a memoryAL. Have a sit and point to the top of the Sandias. If it's a cloudy day use your compass. After ten steps thataway, you'll be at a pile of rocks. One of the largest has only one edge exposed and it is mottled in green and gray. Above it sits another large rock. At it's base.

Please rehide exactly where you found it, and please cover completely with stone so it is totally concealed. Please do NOT try to make it easier for the next letterboxer to find.

Thanks for playing.