To Infinity and Beyond -- Friends  LbNA # 66781

Placed DateApr 20 2014
LocationSwanson Park, Bellevue, NE
Found By Bawlin' Boo Gang
Last Found Jan 24 2016
Hike Distance?

To Infinity and Beyond -- Friends

Letterbox Hybrid hide in Swanson Park; Bellevue, Nebraska. There's room for small trackables in the container.

Listed coordinates are NOT for the cache -- they're for the parking lot at Swanson Park, on Cornhusker Rd, west of Bellevue, NE. The description below gives Directions to the cache container. IF you don't want to follow those, the cache coordinates are the Hint.

Buzz and Woody visited Swanson Park, in Bellevue; but they want to return to Andy's room. They have to wait for the Pizza Planet Aliens to find transportation for all of them. The friends moved to a comfortable spot where they can watch for the ship to arrive. They've been delayed, so would like some visitors to help pass the time. They would love to share stamps with you, but they may not be around when you come by. Please stamp or sign the logbook and ink our Friendship stamp in your book. Please do not take the Friends Stamp or stamp pad.

The initial part of your journey can be taken in two ways -- one is a direct trek North on the road that lies east of the parking lot. Only authorized motor vehicles may pass the gate, so leave cars in the lot. You may walk, bike, or ride horses on all of the park trails. The second way to make your northward journey is to take the bike trails that are circuitous, looping, and criss crossing; but they're shady.

The two routes meet at the Convergence of Trails -- N 41° 10.138 W 095° 57.564. Do not follow the road. Ignore the east and west bike trails from that location. Head North on the grassy trail -- you'll skirt the "Land of Hades" referred to in another hybrid cache (GC79A0). You'll pass under wires and near some metallic gas sentinels.

At the first major trail split (just before passing under more wires with metal posts), take the path that branches at ~20°. Follow the trail toward the crest of the hill. When you reach an established trail turn ~315°.

Follow the new trail until you reach a marker with 01 on it. Look left. You'll find the cache nestled under an evergreen that is next to a tree with a divided trunk.

Have fun and enjoy the park!