Scouting the Trail  LbNA # 66799

Placed DateApr 27 2014
LocationLewisburg, PA
Found By The 3D's
Last Found Jul 31 2014
Hike Distance?

Travel to the Purple Cow along Route 45, west of Lewisburg. Behind this delectable establishment is an access path to the rail trail (please note this is steep and you may want to enter the trail at a different place).

Once on the trail proceed west, towards Vicksburg and Mifflinburg. Walk until you reach the stop sign. You will note a concrete pad just past the stop sign, place yourself in the middle of it. Turn to your left and find the farm posts with the Ard's sign attached. Walk to the post on your right and look down. There should be a small grouping of rocks, approximately 6. You will need to move them to uncover the treasure!

This box was placed by a Girl Scout troop - please leave us a note.