Sounds of Sirens  LbNA # 668 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 7 2002
LocationRehoboth Beach, DE
Planted ByFirefly    
Found By Otis' Friends
Last Found Sep 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Sounds of Sirens
Gordon's Pond State Park

10/26/03 NOTE!!! The clues to the Gordon's Pond Letterbox have been removed from the LBNA site. (And no, I do not have a copy of them.) However, you should be able to locate this box if you follow the trail out towards the observation deck. Good luck!

05/23/04 NOTE!! Box confirmed alive and quite well.

Clues: easy
Hike: easy

After finding the Gordon's Pond Letterbox, placed by the Shellseekers, head back to the main trail and continue towards the observation deck.

You will come to 2 fences on either side of the trail that look like a bridge. When you get to fences, about face and take 23 steps back the way you came. On your right you will see three small trees very close together. (Some sort of evergreen trees.) From the path, take a bearing of 220 degrees. See tree behind three small trees. Listen carefully for the Sounds of Sirens at the base of this tree.

I also recommend continuing your walk down to the observation area. It's worth the trip for the beautiful view