Explore the Outdoors!  LbNA # 66815 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTeam Monkeyboy    
Placed DateMay 1 2014
LocationInfirmary Mound Park, Granville, OH
Found By doublewing
Last Found Jul 3 2014
Hike Distance?

BOX #1:
⊙ Beginning at the shelter house #6, head North on Mirror Lake Trail, passing sign post #12 on your RIGHT.
⊙ Two large pine trees will be on your LEFT... search the tree furthest North.
HINT: It ain’t easy bein’ green.

BOX #2:
⊙ Continue on Mirror Lake Trail up the hill and to the RIGHT.
⊙ Go past the sign and trail to the overlook on your LEFT... continue RIGHT.
⊙ At sign post #10, continue on the path LEFT.
⊙ At sign post #9, continue on the path LEFT.
⊙ At sign post #8, take the path LEFT into the wooded area.
⊙ Go past the small, green, wooden “leaf” trail marker #1.
⊙ Look for the “leaf” trail marker #11.
⊙ Within 20 feet of that marker lies the container.
HINT: Look in

BOX #3:
⊙ Continue on the wooded trail, passing “leaf” trail markers #3 and #4.
⊙ Near “leaf” marker #7, take the small trail to your RIGHT (heading South-East)
⊙ Continue on the trail until you end at the larger horse trail - turn LEFT.
⊙ Passing sign post #5 on your LEFT, continue on the path LEFT.
⊙ Cross over the small stream and continue on the path LEFT at the next fork.
⊙ The path curves LEFT, then a larger curve RIGHT.
⊙ As the path curves RIGHT again, you will see a large tree to your LEFT.
⊙ The container will be within 25 feet of the tree, and within 10 feet of the trail.
HINT: Look low

BOX #4:
⊙ Backtrack on this trail, crossing back over the small stream and returning to sign post #5.
⊙ Take the path LEFT at sign post #5.
⊙ At sign post #4, continue on the path RIGHT.
⊙ At sign post #3, take the path LEFT.
⊙ A few short steps will take you to sign post #15, where your will turn LEFT again.
⊙ As the path curves 90 degrees, stay on the path to the RIGHT, continuing around the curve.
⊙ Pass by the restroom and continue to sign post #16, turning LEFT into the field.
⊙ Continue straight East across the grassy field, passing through the opening in the rustic rail fence, to the down-hill trail leading into the wooded area.
⊙ Follow the trail down the hill until you see a white picket fence to your RIGHT (if you reach sign post #18 you’ve gone too far).
⊙ Search the trees, head-high, near the small cabin here.
HINT: Pull something

BOX #5:
⊙ Go back out through the white picket fence, turn LEFT, and follow the trail back up the hill.
⊙ As the trail emerges from the woods, nead due NORTH through the tomahawk throwing targets to your RIGHT.
⊙ Walk approximately 300 feet until you find a row of (what used to be) fenceposts.
⊙ Concentrate your search within 20 feet from the East end of the fencepost.
HINT: Look in