Plumage  LbNA # 66859

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateMay 11 2014
LocationMayfield Park, Austin, TX
Found By Origami Hen
Last Found Jun 29 2014
Hike Distance?

Go to Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve in west Austin. From the parking lot walk to the Visitor Entrance, a gate leading into a walled courtyard surrounding the historic house. After greeting the peacocks and exploring the fish ponds, make your way to the entrance of the Bell Trail. You will find it behind the white garage structure. There is a stone archway with a bell hanging from it in the perimeter wall. Pass through the gate and onto the trail. Follow it downhill and over a stone ridge to a marker for Taylor Creek Trail. Go right at the marker. At another T, go right again. The trail curves left at some elevated sanitary sewer manhole covers. Cross the stone bridge here. Keep straight along the path over another creek crossing. When you see a trail marker on your left, turn left onto the Bluff Trail. Do not cross the bridge you can see to your right. You will soon come to a clearing at a T intersection. Do not turn left or right. Instead, go straight ahead off-trail uphill. Take the log steps you see slightly to the right. You are climbing towards a large rock overhang that looks like a small cave at the top. At the top of the steps you will see a large tree on your right that is growing out of the rock ledge. Its branches hang out over the path you climbed. Check the base of this tree on the uphill side. The box is nestled in its roots and buried under rocks.