Blue Northern  LbNA # 6686

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateDec 6 2003
LocationMontgomery, TX
Last Found Feb 24 2013
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Microbox: About 200 yards one-way

Status of Microbox: Alive and Well on 4/14/2009

The Blue Northern microbox is located in Sam Houston National Forest, in the Little Lake Creek Wilderness section, north of Montgomery, Texas. Not many facilities, just you and and the deep woods for hiking and primitive camping.

From Montgomery and Hwy 105, go north on Hwy 149 for about 5 miles to parking area on the right side. This will be just after Hidden Forest road on your right, soon after a historical marker sign. It is the only parking area on the right side for the National Forest.

To the Microbox:
From the parking area walk nortwest and cross Hwy 149 to the Little Lake Creek Wilderness trail head sign. Take this trail west, and follow until you decend into a creek bed. From the bottom, the trail seems to branch, with one fork going right up the hill and the other going along the bed to the left then eventually up the left side hill. Go on the left fork, pacing from this spot for 50 paces, up the hill and along the creek (which is on the right of you). The the 50th pace, look left (at 140 degrees). You should see a fallen tree and it's stump. Walk 8 paces into the woods to the stump of this fallen tree. The microbox is under some of the back scraps on the left side of the top of the stump (the side the tree has fallen to).

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