The Great Allegheny Passage #2  LbNA # 66870

Placed DateMay 12 2014
LocationRockwood, PA
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Take a relaxing ride on the Great American Passage to find this letterbox. Start your journey of discovery in the small community of Rockwood. Frequent signs in town will direct you the trail head parking lots...there are two. You can park in either lot, but you want to travel east toward Garrett and Meyersdale....not towards Casselman or Markleton. You will start your quest at the gate where you can set your trip meter to zero. This will help you a great deal. As you start your trip, you will pass a lookout where you can sit and watch the river quietly flowing. There's also an interesting sculpture of a vintage high wheeler. As you continue down the trail, you will pass Husky Haven Campground on your left.
As you travel down the trail you will notice that there are wooden mile markers on the right and white ones on the left. After you travel about 1.2 miles you will pass a wooden marker that reads, Gr.6. At about 1.5 miles, you will pass a white marker on the left that reads 42 miles. Keep going and at about 2 miles on your trip meter you will pass on your left a water company substation building that looks like it is made of stone and has green trim.
At about 2.5 miles on your bike odometer, you will cross over Stoney Batter Run, a small stream. Then, at 2.6 miles, you will cross another small stream called Shaffer Run.
At about 2.7 miles, you will see on your right an old logging road winding down the mountain to meet the trail. Stop here, park your bike, and hike up the logging road about 112 paces to where the road comes to a path continuing to go up and the other going down. You will see a square stone marking the spot. Stand at this spot looking down toward the trail, and you will see a large beech tree with smooth gray bark in front of you. Climb down to the base of this tree and look back toward the mountain, and you will see a rock outcropping or ledge. Carefully remove the rocks under the ledge and you will see (like Red did in the Shawshank Redemption) a stone that doesn't seem to belong. Behind it you will find the letterbox. Good luck, have fun and be careful. And, as always, remember to leave everything as you found it.