Morgan's Raid #2  LbNA # 6688

Ownermr. bloodhound    
Placed DateDec 31 1969
LocationHarshaville, OH
Found By BlackBrownDog
Last Found Jan 29 2006
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In July of 1863, Confederate Cavalry General John Hunt Morgan lead more than 2,500 of his troopers on a daring raid through Ohio. Morgan's men left behind them an interesting account of one of the most daring raid's of the American Civil War (Not to mention some of the finest thoroughbred horses) Today, all along the original Morgan's Raid route, there are rich stories of what took place in each particular location. Some instances during the raid were quite comical, while other cases were tragic reminders that we were at war.

Harshaville, Ohio (Adams County)
Built in 1855, still in use today by cars as well as horse drawn wagons. (From the local Amish community.)

Bridge was actually crossed by Morgan's Raiders on their famous Civil War Raid through Ohio in July of 1863. (One of the few bridges they didn't burn on their ride.)

Directions:Located 1 mile east off Ohio Rte 247 on Grace's Run Rd.(one and a half miles south of Ohio Rte 32)

Clues: Look around the the northwest corner of the bridge on the outside behind the sheet metal. Be careful one extra step could be a long one.