The Meadowbrook LetterBoxes  LbNA # 66882 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 16 2015
LocationMeadowbrook Park, Waunakee, WI
Found By PackerBackers
Last Found Jul 18 2014
Hike Distance?

This box is located in the Meadowbrook Park, in the Meadowbrook subdivision. Park in the parking lot, which is near the tennis court. Clues are in CAPS. Please bring your own stamp pad, as we do not provide them.
Your friend, Freddy Finding, loves mysteries and is hosting a surprise party. You offer to bring something to the party, so he sends you a message with clues on where to get the mystery thing you are bringing to the party. You set out to find it.
YOU START AT THE GRASS CIRCLE IN THE PARKING LOT, your home. YOU HEAD TOWARDS THE SMALL PINE TREE ONTO THE PATH, the route he says to take to find the thing. As you are walking, you happen to notice a bunch of signs along the way. He says to STOP AT THE SIXTH SIGN-THE ONE THAT SAYS “TALK LISTEN SING". You find it funny to stop at this one because you know you will be doing all these things at the party tonight-talking, listening, and singing happy birthday. You see a tree that he mentioned in this clues, the one that he says the item will be by. YOU WALK TOWARDS THE TREE STRAIGHT AHEAD FROM THE SIGN, WITH YOUR BACK TO THE BASEBALL FIELD, ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BANK. THE TREE IS SMALL AND HAS MANY TRUNK-LIKE BRANCHES COMING OUT FROM THE BOTTOM. AT THE BASE OF THE TREE, THERE IS A SMALL TUPPERWARE. THIS IS THE ITEM YOU WERE LOOKING FOR.PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SHOVE THIS BETWEEN THE "TRUNKS" AS WE LOST ONE INTO THE STREAM TO THIS LAST YEAR.
Inside there is a stamp that you stamp, which shows you what you should bring to the party. You rush back to town to buy it.

You head back to the place that the first box was hidden so you can put the stamp back. Freddy, being himself, didn't tell you where the party was. Once again, he left you clues. They say GO BACK OUT ONTO THE GRASS NEXT TO THE STREAM. You do this. WALK FORWARD UNTIL YOU ARE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO THE PINE TREE CLOSEST TO THE STREAM. Once at the tree, you read the next step. TURN AROUND SO YOUR BACK FACES THE POND AND LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT. THERE IS A WOODEN POST. After a few seconds of searching, you find it. LOOK FOR THE NEXT POST LIKE THIS THAT IS STANDING UP AND HAS BLACK "FABRIC" ON IT. WALK TO THIS SPOT. You take about ten steps and you see what he means. LOOK BEHIND THE "FABRIC" AND YOU WILL SEE A BOX the instructions read next. OPEN IT UP, THERE IS A STAMP. STAMP THE STAMP TO FIND OUT WHOSE HOUSE THE PARTY IS AT. You do, find out who it is, and then go quickly. You spend the rest of the night enjoying the party.

Please put the box back hidden in its place. If the box is the one in the tree, please remember to wedge it back in bewteen the braches at the bottom. If the box is missing, please report that to us. Unable to be accessed in the winter, and may be removed in the winter.