Lost Gator  LbNA # 66884

Placed DateMay 17 2014
LocationRocky Point Park, Texarkana, TX
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I released a Gator at Rocky Point Park on Wright Patman Lake, but he's in a box and he is high on a hill above the lake. To find him take Hwy 59 south out of Texarkana to Spillway Park Road. Turn right to enter the park.

Go left on Piney Point Road. You will see a sign for Rocky Point Campground with an arrow pointing left. Go right instead on the road that says "dead end".

Park facing the picnic tables. Walk to the right to the opening in the brown pipe fence. Turn right and climb the hill. There will be a bird nesting box on your right. Look for brown benches on the right also. At the 2nd bench the road splits. The more worn road goes left and downhill to another parking lot. Don't go left. Continue uphill to where the trail just peters out. There will be two bushes on the left side. Push past the first keeping it to your left. At the second bush look inside. It is growing around a tree stump. There is a zip tie on the top of the stump and hanging off it on the back side is the gator's home. Grasp each end of the box and pull it apart. Please reseal everything up nice and tight and rehang the box as described. Thanks for looking for the Lost Gator.