Eagle Nature Series  LbNA # 6689 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 8 2003
LocationEagle, ID
Planted ByLoriDarlin    
Found By Blackvelvetrav
Last Found Sep 12 2004
Hike Distance?


***** As of summer of 2006 all the boxes are missing due to water rising in the river*****

From Twin Falls travel on I-84 west and take exit #46 towards Eagle/McCall. I-84 East would be the same exit #46 Eagle/McCall. Travel north on Eagle Road about 5 miles until you reach Chinden Blvd (there's a Target on the right at this intersection). Continue down the hill on Eagle Road, go through the next light at Island Woods, cross the bridge and turn left at the next light (by Chevron). Some restaurants will be on your left. Turn on the first left. If your stomach is telling you its time to eat, stop in at one of the local restaurants and get a bite, otherwise keep going past them and drive around the back of the restaurants and go park next to the river, in one of the designated spots.

These are kid accessible letterboxes. In fact my oldest son scoped out the letterbox #1 spot. Just remember to please be discreet (busy place again) and replace as found or better. You also need to wear some worn out jeans =)


From your car, look for the paved path that leads East toward the bridge. Follow till it ends. The bridge & road will be directly in front of you. Turn to your right 90 degrees and shuffle on down to the river shoreline, taking care not to slip on the slight decline. From the last set of gray boulders in the water, head west along the shoreline aprox. 36paces/72 steps to the large beaver eaten tree. Look underneath the stump, bark & leaves for your cammo letterbox.

This will be the hardest one of the 3 to find. From letterbox #1 head NW 21 paces/42 steps towards the tall tree that leans towards water with a little stump next to it. (This may not be in perfect view from the beaver eaten tree - so just count out your steps and walk NW and then look...hopefully you'll find it amongst ALL these trees). Again, look below the stump for the cammo letterbox.

At letterbox #2 face the paved path behind you. Now turn 265 degrees and go aprx. 16 paces/32 steps to the split tree and look at the base for your 3rd cammo letterbox of the day. If you got all 3...Job well done =) Hope you had fun!!!