Doc Peabody's Birthday - MIA  LbNA # 6694 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 8 2003
LocationNampa, ID
Planted ByLoriDarlin    
Found By dvn2r ckr
Last Found Jan 12 2004
Hike Distance?

****checked this on 6-13-04 and discovered somebody took it...sorry to those who wasted their time. If I end up redoing it I will put it in a new location.****

This is in honor of Doc Peabody, the infamous Painless Dentist and Proctologist (don't ask...LOL). It is his birthday and since he and his best friend Hanna Oakley have now gotten me involved in this wonderful hobby too, I thought I'd hide a letterbox for them to find. Please feel free to also come and find this and send nice birthday wishes his way in the log book. Happy Birthday Doc =)

Kid accessible but a little tricky - be careful!! Might even want to bring some bread and fake like you are feeding the ducks!!!

From Twin Falls travel on I-84 west and take Nampa Franklin Blvd, Exit #36. I-84 East would be the same Exit. Travel South on Franklin Blvd. until you come to Garrity Blvd. Where you must turn left or right. Turn left onto Garrity right by the park. Drive to end of the park & turn south on 16th Ave. Slow down, notice the airplane, then army tank and turn right soon after it. Park in the parking lot.


Follow the paved path to the left of the playgound. Cross the bridge and turn 90 degrees to your left. Notice the cute little arched bridge, isn't that sweet? This is where my brother got married - oh so romantic. Come a little closer and think like a troll.