Troop 21570's Cookies, Cookies, Cookies, Clues!  LbNA # 67008

Placed DateMay 27 2014
LocationFreedom Park, Medford, NJ
Found By Two Hearts Joined
Last Found Jul 24 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 18 2015

This is a box that Troop 21570 created to complete their Letterboxing Badge. They had lots of fun making it and hope that you have fun finding it.

Beware of thorns... and dogs. There's a dog park near this box, so be careful.

1)Park in the parking lot.
2)Go to the 9/11 memorial.
3)Find Pavilion 3.
4)Go to the nearest swing set.
5)There's a sign that says "dog course" around here somewhere...
6)*Use cipher at bottom* 6-9-14-4 20-8-5 20-23-15 25-5-12-12-15-23 6-18-9-19-2-5-5 7-15-12-6 2-1-19-11-5-20-19. 7-15 20-15 20-8-5 19-5-3-15-14-4 3-12-15-19-5-19-20 15-14-5.
7)Stand in front of the white number one facing away from the park on it.
8)Go to the island of trees where kites might be.
9)Walk around the island to the right until you find the entrance.
10)*Use cipher at bottom* 19-20-15-16 1-20 20-8-5 6-9-18-29-20 20-18-5-5 25-15-21 19-5-5 15-14 20-8-5 "20-18-1-9-12."
11)Walk straight until the stump.
12)Turn a bit to the right; go straight forward until the "bush"; turn 90 degrees.
13).evac hsub eht otni oG

You have arrived at your destination.

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