The Great Allegheny Passage #3  LbNA # 67024

Placed DateJun 3 2014
LocationRockwood, PA
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Rockwood, PA is the starting point for your “ride of discovery”. Numerous signs in town will direct you to the trail's two parking lots. You will know you are close to them when you cross a railroad tracks and then a bridge over the Casselman River. At the end of the bridge, you can go either left or right to the parking lots. The one to the right is interesting because there is a bike shop, an information booth and a neat sculpture of a train engine with bike wheels coming out of the smoke stack! You can explore it later because you want to go left to the small parking lot. (don't go up the hill where the road forks.....go straight!) When you have parked and are ready to start, ride to the gate in the direction toward Garrett and set your trip meter to zero miles...this will be a big help....if you don't have a mileage counter, you can still find the box if you follow the directions carefully.
As you begin your journey you will pass the following:
1.On your left will be a overlook (you can stop and enjoy the view or continue). There is also a neat sculpture of a high wheeler bike too.
2.Not far up the trail you will pass Husky Haven Campground on your left.
3.Continue up the trail and you will pass a wooden marker post which has a C GR 7 on it.
4.At about 1.2 miles you will pass a power plant on your right.
5.You will continue up the trail past another wooden marker post which has a GR 6 on it and close to it is a white marker with 42 on it (left).
6.At 2 miles, you will pass a stone building on your left.
7.At 2.5 miles, you will cross a stream and pass a white 41 mile marker on your left.
8.Very soon at 2.6 miles, you will cross another small stream. Keep going.
9.At the 3 mile mark, you will pass a covered picnic table where you can stop for a snack.
10. As you continue, you will pass a white 40 mile marker.
11. At the 4 mile mark you cross another stream where there will be a wooden marker with H GR 4 on it. Go past the stream until you see a GATE on your right...STOP HERE!
Park your bike here. Cross the gully and walk to the gate. It could be a little over grown with vegetation in the summer. Once at the gate, cross it and walk straight toward the place where three old logging roads meet. Follow the one that goes right. (Don't go up the hill or to the left) Walk about 35 normal steps up the road and then stop. Listen carefully and you will hear the sound of a stream. Walk about 25 steps toward the stream and you will see a large rock with an unnatural stack of stones on top of it. The rock outcrop will point to the direction of the hidden box. Walk slightly to the left of the direction the rock is pointing. You will see a beech tree with a dragonfly on it. Five paces behind this tree you will see another tree with shaggy bark. It's close to a steep bank. At the base of this tree, you will find the box hidden under some sticks and stones. As always, leave the site like you found it. Hope you enjoyed the hunt!