The Littlest Vagabond  LbNA # 6703 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerlucy & eccentrics    
Placed DateDec 7 2003
LocationFlat Rock, NC
Found By turtlelove
Last Found Aug 14 2007
Hike Distance?

As of 5/7/10 - Currently missing.
Repaired, reboxed and with a new log, the Littlest Vagabond is ready to hide again. The stamp has been glued back together and glued to an old "memo" game piece. It is no longer in film canister but a small box. It is a tight fit! There is no ink pad so, please be sure to bring one. Please be careful to reseal bags carefully before rehiding.

Thanks for all the letterboxers who alerted me to the state of the stamp and their kind letters of appreciation.

Needs:You will need a stamp pad, a pen and a penny.
Walk: Easy, but "the rock" can be slippery if wet.
Clues: Slightly tricky

Take a cue from Robroy; hie to the place where vagabonds go
When it's time to put on a really great show.
Between the lantern and the bell
Find the old wishing well.
Throw in a penny, if you please
For luck in finding our box with ease.
Follow the stones
To the rock on its own.
Head for home and sit a bit;
Then try to find the netted sand pit.
Now, facing 25 turn left, then down
through Dear Santa's
woods you go
To the light taking flight across the little road
March to the great last ridge of boulder
Hunched up like a giant's shoulder,
You'll know it's the right one,
If you are near the place for children's fun
With your left shoulder to the children's porch,
Follow its rocky lead over gravel path to
To the area that's tree'd.
A wooden signpost signals your on the right lead.
A leaf shrouded and rusted "X" marks the spot*, as you
might guess
Just behind that curious guard, beneath a maple and holly
senteniel, no less,
Our Little Vagabond will peacefully slumber
With his counterpane of leaf and lumber.

*The "X" in question is heavily shrouded by trees and other growth. When the box was first hidden it was very obvious, now you will have to place in the direction indicated and move some growth to find it.

This box was placed with children in mind and
the walk is quite easy, but can be slippery
when wet. And, as always, mind the children when
near the lanes and drives. The area can be very busy
at certain times. We recommend hunting for this box
before one pm and between 4:30-6:30 when the area is less
likely to be crowded. Mondays and Tuesdays also tend
to be less busy.

The original box was placed in December of 2003 and is dedicated to Little Boxer, Sawyer, who was performing in "Dear Santa" at the time it was placed.