Alex's letterbox  LbNA # 6707 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 12 2003
CountyNew Haven
Locationnew haven, CT
Found By RIFamily
Last Found Sep 8 2007
Hike Distance?

One day some time ago a famous musician who sings about boats and warm climates went sailing on his boat and he arrived at the Sound School. He decided to hide his new record at the school. So he set off from the main building, the one that says sound school on it. He went up the stairs turned to go 240˚ and walked down the walkway he turned left and continued down the boardwalk. He saw a spot that might work so he investigated it and decided against hiding it under the boardwalk so he kept going. He continued on to the gravel at the end of the boardwalk next to a building that looks like a workshop. He took a bearing on his compass and he turned to go 340˚ and walked till he reached a sidewalk. When he reached the sidewalk a student who loves listening to his music joined him and they went down the sidewalk at 60˚ until they reached an electrical access hatch in the ground, the student knew of a spot that they could hide the record where no one could find it. So they looked to the right and up under the building next to them were a lot of boats and parts and stuff. The building is on stilts. There was a gap between the building and a large support beam, with a rock on it; they decided that that would be a good spot deep in to the gap behind the rock. This is now a spot for a letterbox. Please put the box far back in to the hole it is in so it cannot be seen from the sidewalk.