Lost Armadillo  LbNA # 67078

Placed DateJun 4 2014
LocationFairy Falls Trailhead, ???, WY
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 10 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 11 2015

From Old Faithful drive 4.6 miles north to the Fairy Falls Trailhead on the left. Park here and cross the bridge over Firehole River. This is an old wagon road built in 1883. At about 1 mile is a junction with the Fairy Falls trail. Go left on the trail. As you arrive at the falls approx. 2 miles later you will see a bench. The box is right on the trail before the bench because we are supposed to stay on the trail at all times. This is a popular place. The reason the box isn't at the bench is because two people were sitting there taking pictures of the falls. They never turned around or noticed us so we only had to watch for people coming up the trail behind us.

Most of the trees in this area are evergreen, but right there before the falls there is an Aspen with a large boulder at its base. Under the edge of the bolder on the side away from the falls behind a small rock is the box you seek.

Please don't handle if you have been eating because the scent will attract animals which will destroy the box. Hope someone makes this 6 mile hike to collect this stamp.