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Give Me Liberty at Oak Hill  LbNA # 67096

Placed DateJun 14 2014
LocationOak Hill Cemetery, Lake Geneva, WI
Found By Tree Sap
Last Found Jun 24 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 28 2015

Oak Hill Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries we've ever been in, and is the final resting place of many founding families and owners of the great Lake Geneva estates. PLEASE be discreet when searching so your destination won’t be discovered!

Enter through the main gate and head towards the north side. Find the monument with a large sphere atop it; park your vehicle here. From this monument, walk 45 paces N-NW to a beautiful towering monument placed for the Crane family, who made a fortune in brass goods and plumbing supplies.

From the Crane monument, walk at 15 degrees up into the tall Oaks until you reach the obelisk that towers highest into the heavens. On your way, notice the very old children’s grave markers on your left.

Did you find the tallest obelisk? From here, pass under the western arch and walk north to the next mausoleum.

Henry Marison Byllesby made his fortune in electricity just as the alternating-current (AC) system was coming into play. He had 36 patents relating to electrical apparatus before his death. Though he lived in Chicago, he chose the family resting place to be near their beautiful summer home known as “Arrowglade” on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Look north from the Byllesby mausoleum for a tombstone with a family name associated with a locally famous bakery. This family business has been in operation for four generations, and you can and you can still purchase wonderful baked goods at their Interchange N. Lake Geneva location.

From this tombstone, follow the row in a southwesterly direction until you reach a name that could also mean “your fathers.” From here, walk 36 paces at 300 degrees until you reach a name that is also an abbreviated name for a home dwelling.

From the back of this tombstone, walk northwest to a name that could be associated with “who shot J.R?” (you may have to look back at the years 1980-1981 to find this answer).

From the back of this tombstone, walk at 300 degrees until you reach “Just Love.”

From “Just Love”, walk northwest to where “Storms all weathered and life’s seas crossed.” From the back of this tombstone, walk 30 paces straight back into the woods where you’ll find a huddle of five large boulders and one small rock, beneath which you will find your treasure.

Be sure to place the rock on top the box when you leave so the critters don’t play with it!