Dead Skunk  LbNA # 67116

OwnerLinden Leaf    
Placed DateMay 2 2014
LocationBuffalo Creek County Park, Plato, MN
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Dead Skunk

This county park is open from 7/8am – sunset. It is closed during hunting season. All McLeod County parks are closed during hunting season. In winter, the gate is closed to cars, but you can park on the road and walk in. These are not snow friendly boxes. There is a small airport across the road from this park.

There is parking at the east end of the park. Start at the east end. Take the south trail. Look for the man made ring. 14 steps to the east is a group of sisters huddled together. You will find what you seek in their hollow. Please re-hide well.

Continue on the trail, across the road, and towards the river. The trail will split. You will need to take the north trail, towards the river. 16 steps before you exit into the grassland, there will be two sisters on your left. Look in their south facing hollow. Please re-hide well.