TWP Letterbox  LbNA # 67139

OwnerBrad Bee    
Placed DateJun 19 2014
Location626 Hurffville Cross Keys Road, Sewell, NJ
Found By Arf!
Last Found Oct 14 2014
Hike Distance?

TWP Letterbox

Washington Lake Park

Begin your adventure, park in Lot "D",
search for a map on how to proceed.
Go forth to the place where the pups can run free,
search for the rules, which the k-9's must heed.

Adjust your heading to 265°,
kick into gear and begin your stride.
Follow the path, cross the road to a "T",
quickly change course, South West do proceed.

As you saunter on, the park begins to grow,
the fields to your right, ball players practice their throw.
Continuing this direction you will approach a chance to switch paths,
a sudden left across the road will happen in a flash.

Follow the new path, you may see Tony Hawk,
here lies a place you will find he may stalk.
Go past the lot, then turn to the west,
wave left to the skaters then continue your quest.

Stay true to course, though a turn you could take,
past a tribute to Destiny, a choice you must make.
Set your compass to West, say "hi" to Bill Cliff,
don't pause too long, or your legs may grow stiff.

Follow the trail, a dirt path you will see,
set course to 250° to a cluster of trees.
You may think you are lost, don't feel dismay,
your course is still true past Eagle Scout Way.

Enter the circle where some come to grieve,
around to the end, where soon you will leave.
Return to a "T" to a path made of black,
a turn to the left will keep you on track.

Continue your journey past a field of dreams,
to a point of decision where sunlight now beams.
Adjust your heading to 300 degrees,
continue your journey as you exit the trees.

Say "hi" to the geese, save feeding for later,
best not to linger, they bite like a gator.
Continue your trek past the front of the stage,
if an artist is booked, the music will rage.

At the end of the path, you will come to a "T",
130 degrees a monument you'll see.
Head straight to the tribute, turn left with your shoes,
the day of his promotion is the first of two clues.

( ______ ______ )
Pause for a moment to honor his life,
while facing the stone, turn 130° to the right.
Across the pitch to a path made of black,
a left and quick right, South East you will track.

A left at the cross is the way you must go,
through the woods you must walk, don't travel too slow.
At the edge of the forest, you will come to Lot "D",
look to the horizon, a statue you'll see.

The place dedicated to those who fight fire,
Lies a faceless hero with a clue on his attire. ( ______ ______ )
Pause once more to remember our best,
exit the monument to continue your quest.

Once out of the venue, proceed to Lot "B",
then onto the path, North East you must flee.
Proceed to a place with a court and a judge,
a noble competitor will not hold a grudge.

Stop short of the entrance, turn left and left again,
past courts on the right to the black path's dead end.
Into the woods, a trail does start,
the beauty of nature will soon warm your heart.

Stay your course on the well-worn path,
your conclusion is near so don't get off track.
Once you come to a deck made by hand,
the “point” of the bend is where you should stand.

Now comes the moment to set forth your clues,
crouch down real low, as if tying your shoes.
Reach your hand under to shake hands with the troll,
don't be deceived, this bridge has no toll.

The clues you have gathered are the keys to your treasure,
we hope that your travels indeed were a pleasure.
When you have finished your task, give the combo a twirl,
our best efforts to rhyme…….I got nothin’….