waves  LbNA # 6717 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 13 2003
CountyNew Haven
Locationnew haven, CT
Found By Bungalow Boxer
Last Found Apr 9 2004
Hike Distance?

Kevin’s Letterbox

***this box has been temporarily removed, check back to see that it was returned to it's location, thanks.****

A man was walking along the shore late one December afternoon. The sun was dipping down on the horizon and the entire sky was glowing a deep orange. He found a large rock that actually was, after closer examination, cement with gravel mixed in. There he decided to take a seat to enjoy the sunset in its prime. As the best passed he looked around and noticed a small rock at 320o from his present location, which was a footprint in the cement. From here he looked to his right about two feet away he saw a space under a large rock. Under this rock he placed a box and then placed a few odds and ends into it. He then sealed the box, placed a stick in front of it and left. He walked the 7 feet back to the cement block with the footprint. From here he headed 237o along the rock wall and down along the shore. He zigzagged back and forth through the seaward most row of supports for the stilt building. From there he continued to bear on the course until he reached the marine railway. He headed up the rails to the road and turned left on the sidewalk to 240o. He reached his car, which was parked in front of a half hull on a building on the south side of the road. He took a “U” turn and headed the 240o until he came to an intersection where he took the first right. He took he first left. This road hooked around and headed away from the sea. He got on I-95 at entrance/exit 45.

A couple of hints:
1. be sure to avoid high tide so you keep your feet dry and don’t have to go swimming
2. aim for around sunset (for effect only)
3. make sure to reverse the directions properly
4. email me for my map if you still need help