Juniper Berry  LbNA # 67261

Placed DateJul 7 2014
LocationStrawberry, AZ
Found By mom22sons
Last Found Oct 29 2014
Hike Distance?

Whether coming from Payson, Pine, Winslow, or Highway 260 from Camp Verde, a trip through Strawberry is a real treat! Turn onto Fossil Creek Road at the corner where you find the Strawberry Lodge (we are hoping they open again soon!). Travel 1.5 miles to the Strawberry Schoolhouse (visit if they are open!). Travel 1.3 miles from the school house to The Ranch at Fossil Creek. If you have time, stop in at the Fossil Creak Creamery for some goat cheese, fudge made from goat's milk, and to pet the goats! Drive .4 miles from the goat farm to where you leave private land and see a gate. When you get to the gate and the sign that says "Entering Fossil Creek, Wild and Scenic River", do a u-turn and park near the Speed Limit 25 sign. Do not park where it says "No Parking"! Walk to the gate and follow the line of rocks to your right. Stop when you get to a slanted rock leaning on another rock next to an upright but dead tree. Look past the rock to a fallen dead tree. Walk around the fallen tree to the right. Watch for cactus! The fallen tree's branches are pointing towards a juniper tree. There is a group of five rocks under the juniper tree. The letterbox is under the rock grouping. Also, watch out for bees! This letterbox can be accessed even when Fossil Creek is closed to traffic.