2013 Secret Stamp Santa - Smurf  LbNA # 67272

OwnerLinden Leaf    
Placed DateJun 19 2014
Location28238 Nature Center Ln, Henderson, MN, MN
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2013 Secret Stamp Santa - Smurf

Hello I am Mr. P. Smurf. But you can call me Ol' Man Smurf...that's what everyone here calls me. I live in an oak tree at the Ney Homestead. I moved here when I was just a young boy. Actually it was around the time my good friend Sonny Grimboodle moved in. Hes such a friendly fellow...the young ones love to listen to his stories...well, we all do actually. Weve been through quite a bit together oxen, trolls, wild critters, you name itbut Ill let him tell you about it. Walk on over to his oak tree about 180 degrees from here...his door is always open.

Atlas Quest # 239876 - Sonny Grimboodle



There are three boxes that I know of, at this location.

Atlas Quest # 239876 - Sonny Grimboodle
Atlas Quest # 237274 Smurf
Atlas Quest # 205564 - Frog Pond Loop