2013 Secret Stamp Santa - Smurf  LbNA # 67272

OwnerLinden Leaf    
Placed DateJun 19 2014
Location28238 Nature Center Ln, Henderson, MN, MN
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2013 Secret Stamp Santa - Smurf

Hello I am Mr. P. Smurf. But you can call me Ol' Man Smurf...that's what everyone here calls me. I live in an oak tree at the Ney Homestead. I moved here when I was just a young boy. Actually it was around the time my good friend Sonny Grimboodle moved in. He’s such a friendly fellow...the young ones love to listen to his stories...well, we all do actually. We’ve been through quite a bit together – oxen, trolls, wild critters, you name it…but I’ll let him tell you about it. Walk on over to his oak tree about 180 degrees from here...his door is always open.

Atlas Quest # 239876 - Sonny Grimboodle



There are three boxes that I know of, at this location.

Atlas Quest # 239876 - Sonny Grimboodle
Atlas Quest # 237274 – Smurf
Atlas Quest # 205564 - Frog Pond Loop