Gnome Day 2014: Sonny Grimboodle  LbNA # 67273

OwnerLinden Leaf    
Placed DateJun 19 2014
Location28238 Nature Center Ln, Henderson, MN, MN
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Gnome Day 2014: Sonny Grimboodle

Hello my name is Sonny Grimboodle. I and other gnomes and smurfs have been living at the Ney Homestead for many years now. Much has changed. Oh, how I remember the early days...yes, those days were harder for us. I recall the years when the oxen would rumble past my home. Being small little fellows, as we are, the trembling ground would knock me and my buddies off our feet. The young ones would roll down the hill with their mothers running to save them. After the oxen...oh, then came the trolls! That was a horrible time for us! Did you know that trolls eat gnomes? We lived in fear until we found that trolls actually are afraid of lemons. Can you believe that?!...lemons of all things! The bright yellow color will scare them off. So we started slicing up lemons and placing them all around our homes. We placed one, two, three, four, five lemons. Five was just enough to save us and get those monsters out of here...hmmm...ah...yes...But I laugh when I think of the time when Pa Keebler and his rowdy relatives came down the hill to look for the perfect tree to set up their kitchen. They had high hopes of making it big...from what I heard they actually did…selling cookies of all things!...but I digress. They thought that they found the perfect hideaway when they saw the huge oak tree with it’s barked roots jutting out of the hill. They were just about to move in when they spied the deer path. “Oh, dear”, they said. “We can’t have deer. They will eat our cookies.” Ha, ha! Deer are so very fond of cookies. They will eat 50 of so cookies in one sitting. Unlike the elves, we love the deer. They stride up the hill, step over the low barbed fence to visit us, and tell us the news that is happening in this grand forest we live in. They first come to the home of Ol' Man Smurf. He lives in the middle of three oak trees. He is a gentle fellow and loves the colors blue and red. The two of us go way back - he’s been a friend through thick and thin. The deer will visit a couple of more homes before stopping at mine. I love my home. It's beautiful and open to the world...kind of like me...What? Oh, you have to go. Well, thanks for stopping by. I always love visitors.


There are three boxes that I know of, at this location.

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