Feathered Shelter  LbNA # 67281

OwnerMechanicsburg PubLib    
Placed DateJun 30 2014
Location127 E Main Street, St. Paris, OH
Found By Flowerchild14
Last Found Aug 29 2014
Hike Distance?

This village is known for its Pony Wagon Days. At the entrance of information central where the bricks have been given names take 4 steps down. Walk straight ahead 10 steps. Turn 90® and take 4 steps up. Turn 90®, look down and you will see. For children: Start at the bricks that have been given names. Take a journey to the stars and stripes. Look for the gift given to St. Paris by Thyrza Furrow Kiser on July 2, 1936. You will find me at the base of a home for birds. Please don’t hurt any plants or animals you may see.