Cinderella and her Family  LbNA # 67291

Placed DateApr 6 2014
LocationBitterroot Valley, Stevensville, MT
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Butterfly Suzy sent me Cinderella's Stepfamily and Lucifer so I thought I would add Cinderella and plant them as a group. I hope you enjoy them.

Cinderella's stepsisters heard a prince was in the Bitterroot Valley so they took Cinderella in search of the prince. They headed South through the valley. They got to the Stevensville River Park and started walking round looking for the prince. The park is next to the river just off hwy 93 by Stevi. They took a left once through the gate and walked along the path following the river. After the second bench they realized their beautiful shoes were no match for hiking. They were about to turn back when they realized Cinderella was doing fine since she was wearing sensible shoes. They decided to hide Cinderella so the prince wouldn't be so impressed with her that he wouldn't notice them. They took her 24 steps passed the second bench, then turned right and walked 8 steps down a narrow trail. Looking right again they saw a downed log with vegetation growing over it. They hid Cinderella under some bark under the vegetation overhanging the log. Then they headed further South in search of their prince.

They next searched for him at Bell Crossing. They drove their carriage to the end of the parking area. Then walked 87 steps into the woods taking the left side of the Y in the trail. When they paused to rub their feet they saw a Ying Ponderosa Pine at 210 degrees and they sat down to rest their weary feet and fell asleep waiting for their prince to find them.

Lucifer however had heard there were better fish to catch in Hamilton to he caught a ride and headed South. At the North end of Hamilton just after the bridge Lucifer turned right and stopped at a fishing access there. He went all the way to the end of the parking area caught some fish and went to take a nap in the trees. To find him head to the paved path and walk toward the bridge. When you get to the last trees before the bridge stop and look for 2 logs laying parallel to each other in a grouping of fours trees. Lucifer is curled up inside the first log. Please hide him well as it appears people may spend time hanging out under the bridge and he wouldn't want to fall into muggle hands.

Thanks for hunting.