the red bug swim meet  LbNA # 67315

OwnerSwim though our clues    
Placed DateJul 18 2014
Locationred bug park, sarasota, FL
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Last EditedNov 6 2015

I am a swimmer! I love to swim, so keep that in mind ;)

1. Take your mark at the Tot Lot and Tobacco Free sign.

2. Swim around the playground until you find two trash cans.

3. Swim 30 strokes until the path veers to the right.

4. Race past 2 pieces of concrete on the left.

5. You will then swim past my favorite type of oak tree.

6. Late for practice. Going Tarzan style!

7. I like my pools to be flat, not bumpy. Follow the flat path.

8. I<3 my sport.

9. Let's "climb" to victory.

10. Swimmers get hungry. Follow the fork to the left then swim to the right!

11. Follow the beach path but don't go to the open water race. I prefer pools.

12. Continue to walk on the beach path.

13. Getting hungry again. Turn left at the fork.

13. Lightning delay. Take a break at the first bench.

14. Get back in the pool. There's a CLEARING in the weather.

16.swim left

15. "SUCCESS"(ION)- You completed the race!

16. Take four strokes and find your victory medal in the needles.

Hope you enjoyed my hunt! JUST KEEP SWIMMING!