Hiking the Bitterroot - Blodget Canyon  LbNA # 67326

Placed DateJul 9 2014
LocationBlodget Canyon, Hamilton, MT
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Hike up Blodget Canyon to the bridge. Be sure to check out Horse Head Arch as you look up the canyon and at the top of the canyon wall on your left (to the south). Enjoy the creek. Head up the trail a bit further till you get to the first rock slide area past the bridge. Just as you get to the rock slide area you will see a standing dead tree on your right with its roots extending into the trail. Standing next to the dead tree with your back to the trail, about 15 feet and slightly to the right you will see a large gray rock (I know, they are all gray, but this one is big and alone) with a 10 foot tall fir tree on the right and behind and to the right of the rock. Look on the ground between the tree and rock under an old fallen log.