Did someone call the Doctor?  LbNA # 67351

Ownerjake from state farm    
Placed DateJul 16 2014
LocationGreen Acres, Harrison, OH
Found By Sniffer2005
Last Found Feb 7 2015
Hike Distance?

Hopefully you won't need a doctor after spending some time at the Awesome Green Acres but just incase there is way to get a hold of one!!! Well that's if you watch the series Doctor Who.
Pull into this location and park. Walk back up to entrance at Suspension Bridge. Facing the street from the drive Look to your Left at the entrance. You will notice a Huge Tree stump and a large Maple Tree. Look in-between by the bark to find what you are searching for. You can still stop in and stamp while the place is closed if you can find a safe place to pull over.
Here is the website for more information:http://www.greenacrescanoe.com Totally love this place!