Log Cabin Quilt  LbNA # 67369

Placed DateJul 24 2014
Location215 Jefferson St, Paducah, KY
Found By C&E
Last Found Jun 22 2015
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Log Cabin Quilt

2014 has been "The Year of the Quilts." In the fall of 2013 I discovered a Facebook group making a mystery quilt. I found the group through Atlas Quest. The group was making Bonnie Hunters Celtic Solstice. I watched them make their quilts and post pics on Facebook and I decided that I had to make that quilt.

I gathered all my supplied and sewed the top together in just a few weeks. I dropped to off to have it machine quilted and I am eagerly waiting for it to return. During the process my 4 kids have been very inquisitive and encouraging. And they all wanted quilts!

The first quilt that I ever made was a Log Cabin quilt. So I told the kids that I would make up a whole bunch of Log Cabin blocks and they could decided how they went together. I now have all four tops done and to celebrate we came down to the National Quilt Museum to see the quilts on display there.

The kids really enjoyed the trip. My daughter loved the pretty flowery ones and my boys liked the Hobbit ones. To celebrate "The Year of the Quilts" we brought at letterbox to plant while we were in town.

To find the box go to the corner of Water & Jefferson (they are just catty corner from the National Quilt Museum). In front of you will be the levee wall full of the history of Paducah. And at the street signs is some pretty landscape and a black light pole. Look behind the light pole for our special quilt square :)