GS School House Rock  LbNA # 67386

Placed DateAug 13 2014
LocationSpruce Hill Park, Miltona, MN
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Spruce Hill Park is a County Park located at what remains of a pioneer village that was abandoned in the early 20th century. When the railroad by-passed town, and the earthen dam broke out, many left. Some evidence of the village inhabitants still remain (building depressions / foundations). These are marked. The school house had been moved from its original foundation and is currently used as the local town hall just N of the park. Just SE of the park one can see the original church's horse barn foundation. Use your imagination for what the buildings looked like when they were in existance. Enjoy the peacefulness, and if you are extra quiet, you may hear a train on the rails about 6 miles West of the park.

Park by the first shelter (small) by the pines. Head NW down the hill to the sign #1Bridge-Old Dam. Follow the snowmobile trail across the bridge and past the 'Sawmill'. Go past #4 J. Henry Site and head straight at the fork in the road (if you look down the path that goes left you can see whats left of the Hotel, Post Office, and Store). When you arrive at #8 District 66 School, take 3 paces N of trail to the foundation remains. The letterbox is here! (If you want to see the school that use to sit on this foundation then when you leave the park head N out of the park and go W at the first intersection. The District 66 School building is the town hall located on the N side of the road after you cross over the Creek.) Enjoy!