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Placed DateAug 5 2014
Locationvarious, Hamilton, MT
Found ByWindwolf
Last UpdateOct 19 2014


To introduce 4-H kids to the fun of letterboxing, I placed four boxes (Head, Heart, Hands, Health) for the summer mentoring class. They are all within a three block area just south of downtown Hamilton.

Head - So much here to fill your head. Books, movies, Internet and so much more. When you get done reading that book, return it to the big silver drop box in the alley entrance. Then go around the drop box to the concrete bench. Facing the bench, look behind it and you will see two tall grass plants next to the building. Look behind the left plant, under a couple rocks.

Hands - Facing the front steps of the old Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital (now the Ravalli County offices), look to the left and you will see a large juniper bush. Go around behind the bush and up against the building just under the bush you will find some helping hands.

At least that's what it used to be.
Having a heart attack?
The ambulance will bring you back.
Behind the MSU Extension Office sign you will see!

Health - From May through October on Saturdays you can get lots of locally grown healthy food, some fun treats and many vendors selling Bitterroot made crafts. Look for the biggest eyes around. Pull out a rock under the peepers to find Health. Then maybe go visit the museum for some more letterboxing!