Gully oven  LbNA # 67439

Placed DateAug 6 2014
LocationGully Oven Rd, Lebanon, ME
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Hike Distance?

Start @ Shapleigh Rd and Gully oven intersection. Drive .3 miles up Gully oven Rd and pull over on left @ rock table under the pines.
Now at the table take steps ahead, like 15 to 20,but careful, no less and make sure plenty.

You shall find the stone that lay from the boss, It's Francis M. Beede all covered in moss.

From the stone to the steps you shall start your journey.

After the last step you shall look to your left. Follow the rock cut out pathway down to the stream and as you hear the water trickle relax and dream.

Take a stroll left down the riverside to cross @ the big tree parted in 3 and @ the roots to the left you shall find me.