Sports Crazy  LbNA # 67519

Placed DateAug 14 2014
LocationTurkey Trot, Constitution Blvd N, Shelton, CT
Found By Hez, Grumpy and Mona
Last Found Apr 23 2017
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedJan 2 2016

Park in the small graveled lot on Constituion Blvd N., almost directly across from the exit of the Shelton Intermediate School parking lot. There is a small kiosk there, and room for about four cars.
This three letterbox hike is about twenty minutes long. It has small notebooks and ink pads for you to leave your mark as well as mark your own notebooks.

#1 – Go over the footbridge, into the woods. Walk along the trail until you get to the third white blaze, which will be on your right. Stand with your back facing the path, with your back to the blaze. Cross the path. To your right there is a set of three trees, two of which LOOK like a two-sister, but are not connected. Under the rocks at the base of the smaller, leaning tree, you will find #1. Which sport stamp will you choose? Please take the time to rehide carefully.

#2 – Back onto the path, continue on. You will continue straight/left at the fork. The path will turn left, and you will continue walking along with a split wooden fence on your left. After the fence ends, there will be a blue and white blaze on your right. Soon after, the path splits off to the right towards the lake. Follow this short path right, towards the lake, but do not go all the way to the lake! About 20 paces from the main path, there is a clearing on the left of the foot path. Walk left, off the trail, 5 paces diagonally into the clearing, towards a two sister with a close “sibling”. #2 is to the right of the smallest of the three, under some rocks. Choose another sport! Please rehide the letterbox carefully.

#3- Walk back to the main path and take a right to continue on your hike. The lake will be on your right. Follow the path past another split fence on your left. Continue over the bridge.
Shortly after the bridge you will come to a blue/white blaze on your right. You are almost there! Immediately following the blazed tree, all on your right, you will see a three-sister, then a five-sister tree. Pass them to find the four-sister tree. Directly in front of the four-sister tree, at its base, #3 is hiding under some rocks. Trophy Time!!! This letterbox will be out in the open and too easily found, if you do not hide it well.