Junaluska Cherokees  LbNA # 6753

Placed DateNov 2 2003
LocationRobbinsville, NC
Planted ByDixieKin    
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Oct 16 2013
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Dixie's AQ logbook

Bring your own pen and ink pad.

These letterboxes are placed with the kind permission of the management of the Junaluskaís Museum and Memorial. Please be gentle in your quest as these boxes are placed along roughly parallel trails and could be easily found by non-letterboxers.

At the conclusion of your search, please stop by the museum, sign the guest book and speak with the Cherokee volunteers who are generous with their historical information.

Number of boxes:2
Difficulty: Easy

Box #1
Cherokee Phoenix

1. Drive to the Junaluska Memorial Site and Museum.
2. Park at the top of the hill rather than in the museum parking lot.
3. Locate Junaluskaís grave and marker. Remember his date of death according to the plaque you see there.
4. Surrounding Junaluskaís grave are seven stone monuments representing the seven Cherokee Bands. Find the one that has wings.
5. From this monument you will learn the date of the Removal and the number of Cherokee who deserted with Junaluska.
6. Head in the direction that the winged bandís arrowhead points.
7. Stop at the entrance to the trail with wheel and many colors.
8. To determine the number of steps to take forward along the trail, use the last two digits of the date of the Removal.
9. Now start counting your steps from the left fence post at the trailís entrance. Follow the trail stopping to read about the medicinal plants you might be able to see here, depending on the season.
10. This will take you to a memorial spot for the couple credited with being primarily responsible for organizing Junaluskaís Friends.
11. Walk up the trail lined with laurel for 28 steps. Stand between the benches at the Cherokee Vetís Memorial site.
12. Facing his name, take a bearing of 198 degrees, and proceed as gently as possible.
13. Between the southern end of the sleeping grandfather and the base of the curved laurel, you will find a rock. Under it is your treasure.
14. Stamp in and then return the Cherokee Phoenix, covering carefully with rock and leaves. As you return to the path, cover your tracks to preserve the sanctity of the property.

Box #2
Cherokee Peace

1. From Cherokee Phoenix continue following the medicine trail making a hairpin turn and descending four wooden steps. Next you will read of a plant named for a Biblical king.
2. From this post continue along the trail until you come to the parallel oaks where merge the names of the Biblical king and the band which you found at the circle of seven monuments.
3. Here youíll read of an avid outdoorsman who felt more comfortable speaking his native language than English.
4. With your compass resting atop this gentlemanís informational sign, 140 degrees it is to your find.
5. Your letterbox is resting on the southeast side of the living grandfather, under leaves and twigs.
6. As before, cover carefully with leaves and twigs trying not to disturb the beautiful ground cover.
7. Leave no trace of your path as you return to the trail.

Both boxes can be found in a matter of only minutes but please take care to be discreet and to leave no trace of your search.

Please let us know if you are successful in locating these letterboxes! DixieKin is now the caretaker of these boxes at Kayaklil's request. Thanks!


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DixieKin's AQ logbook