Bond, Fred Bond  LbNA # 6760 (ARCHIVED)

Ownermouse nanny    
Placed DateDec 24 2003
LocationCary, NC
Found By The Foust's
Last Found Aug 25 2012
Hike Distance?

James Bond Letterbox Series

Box #1 has been retired

Please bring your own black ink. Boxes one and two are just stamps in camo pouches. Log book is in box three.

Letterbox #1 - From Bond Park with Love (THIS BOX IS unavailable 4/1/12)
Start your journey facing the boathouse and begin down the trail to the left. As the trails begin to branch off, follow the blue markers. As pavement turns to gravel you’ll find yourself amongst the trees. As you approach the halfway point on the trail you will pass two consecutive small footbridges. Just before the next, longer footbridge (#9) follow the bank of the creek to your left for 38 steps, stopping just past a fallen tree. Turn to a heading of 90 degrees and take 10 steps more. You will find the box hidden between two sisters of different mothers.(One is a pine)

Letterbox #2 ― Shaken Not Stirred (This box is unavailable 4/1/12)
Continue along the blue trail past the 1.0 mile marker and over a bridge. After bridge 12 walk 15 steps, then turn right. Walk 10 more steps into the woods on your right about 6 feet from the ground is a hole in the tree. In this hole is the prize that you seek.

Letterbox #3 ― The Man With The Golden Stamp
Continue on the blue trail past the 1.25 mile marker and over two longer foot bridges. From the 1.5 mile marker take 34 steps, and you will see a small clearing to your right. In this clearing is a three trunked tree that was once four. At the base of this tree you’ll the Man with the Golden Stamp. (The 1.5 mile marker is hard to see as it is off to the side and in some bushes. It is just after bridge 16 but the numbering for the bridges keeps changing so look for the 1.5 mile marker)

From here just continue on the trail another 0.5 mile to return to the parking lot.

Happy Hunting!