The Black Angel  LbNA # 6768

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateDec 31 1969
LocationIowa City, IA
Found By The Kolwey Kids
Last Found Apr 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Adopted 11/28/2003 by The Christmas Elves
New Clue and Location 7/4/2005
Confirmed in Place 4/20/2013

The Black Angel is popular with visitors, but her new letterbox location gives her some privacy.

Leading with her outstretched wing, the angel turns and rises to fly above the other monuments, the cedars, and the children playing on rose hill. The forest lawn beckons and offers the privacy she seeks; a respite from visitors. She lands and steps behind a stump, which is as tall her son’s, at 140 degrees from the light. Enter from the left to find her nestled inside the stump.

Please be respectful and discreet during your visit to the Black Angel, her family, and her letterbox. Although we planted safely, be aware of the potential for leaflets three not far from the box.

Our visits are very few and far between, so please use the Contact the Placer link to give us an update on her status after you visit.

Original Clue:

Once in Iowa City, go to the Oakland Cemetary. Visit the Black Angel. Underneath her outstretched wing is a small bush. In the middle of the bush is the Black Angel Letterbox.

I apologize that this is not a homemade stamp. I had not planned on planting a letterbox in the cemetary, but the friends that I traveled with convinced me that it was the thing to do! (Peer pressure! :-)...So we ran off to the local craft store and found a stamp that would be appropriate!

To learn more about the Black Angel go here:

--Amanda from Seattle

Letterbox's History:
We adopted The Black Angel with Amanda's permission on 11/28/2003 and have carved replacement stamps based on the original image in the log. The first two replacement boxes in the original location went missing, so we moved the location with the third replacement box on 7/4/2005.