Park Angel  LbNA # 6777 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateDec 26 2003
LocationCypress, TX
Found By NLW
Last Found Jun 28 2010
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Minibox: About 1/2 mile round trip

Status of Minibox: ALive and Well on 3/23/2009

The "Park Angel" minibox is located in Telge Park, a roadside park in the trees of Cypress, Texas. The park has a playground and picnic area, as well as lots of wooded trails along Cypress Creek. Also, the park has a historical past, which is told on the historical marker. This was once the homesite of Mathew Barnett. The interem government of the Republic of Texas stayed here on 3/22/1836 on its way to establish a new capital in Harrisburg (Houston now). The Texas Army, 1100 men under command of Sam Houston, also stopped here at dusk on 04/16/1836. They consumed most of Barnett's livestock and grains, and burned his fences for fuel. Four days later this army won the Battle of San Jacinto, and gave Texas independence from Mexico. The Burnett's had fled their home during the Runaway Scrape, but returned once they heard of the victory. They ran a successful tavern during the 30's and 40's for travels on the road to Houston.

From Hwy 290, go north on Telge Rd. In about 3/4 mile you will cross Cypress Creek. The park will be on your right, so turn right on Pleasant Grove, then a quick right into parking area.

To the Minibox:
From the Historical Marker sign, go across the park at 130 degrees (south east) to the edge of the woods and a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and then go left on a path heading east. At the next juction, stay left (right trail goes to the creek). Decend to the next trail juction, and choose the right path (at 80 degrees). Follow this path for about 100 yards to where the path turns north. Stop and look South east at 140 degrees. See the small path going up the hill. Walk that way going 26 steps to the top of the hill. As you decend, turn left and follow the faint trail going east at 80 degrees for 22 steps. Locate the pine tree ahead of you at 100 degrees. ***** Due to Huricane, but is on ground by this tree, not hanging anymore). Walk 5 steps to the back side of this pine. Look up at 160 degrees. Mini-box is hanging at about 6 feet up on a small tree, whose base starts at the base of the pine tree.

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