Royal Halifax  LbNA # 6795

OwnerThe von der Insels    
Placed DateNov 30 2003
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationHalifax, NVA
Found By fishouttawater
Last Found Jul 21 2009
Hike Distance?

Clues: Fairly easy
Terrain: A little rocky, a little uphill.
Time: Very short - less than a half an hour, unless you wander about enjoying the sights!

Halifax, the great port of profound ships, has a close connection to the Royalty. The official bird is His Majesty, the kingfisher. Among the royal visitors has even been a prince of the realm, as well. Once arriving in Halifax, look for the following:

CLUES: Go to where Edward and Julie made beautiful music together. Proceed up the street of his demesne, and park where you may share a drink with Socrates. I mean these directions from the bottom of my heart: Walk about 60 steps (30 paces) at 153 degrees. At the base of the tree nests a little bit of Halifax to take home with you. Be discreet! This lovely spot is a popular place!

Note: This box is mostly-orphaned. We haven't gotten up to visit nearly as much as we formerly had. Hopefully, we can change that! Please let us know how it's doing!