Reptile Race [Suspected Missing]  LbNA # 6797 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 30 2003
LocationClermont, FL
Found By The Christmas Elves
Last Found Dec 27 2004
Hike Distance?

The Reptile Race letterbox can be found in Lake Louisa State Park, near Clermont. To locate the box, enter the park and proceed to the toll booth. The cost is $4.00/car load or free with a Florida State Park pass (price is subject to change). Once through the gate drive along the main park road enjoying the variety of Florida fauna and watching for tortoises, until you come to the first road off to the right (swimming/ picnicing area). Follow this road to the parking lot. Off to your right is a trailhead marker. Begin here.

Hike the nature trail, watching for birds, flowers, reptiles, animal tracks, and of course mosquitoes. At the Cypress Swamp Lookout sign bear to the right. Follow this trail until you come to the Nature Trail 21 sign post. Continue straight ahead until you locate the Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake sign.

Stand facing the sign. Make a 180 degree turn. Walk 33 paces (keep in mind that I am only 4'11" tall so my paces may be smaller than yours) to the largest oak tree in the area. Look up, look down, look all around. Bingo!!! You found it.

Please write a note in the log book. If you have a stamp, stamp yours in the log book. Make a copy of our stamp in your book. Please replace everything back as you found it so others may also enjoy the box. Happy letterboxing.

Note: This trail may be underwater in the rainy season. Insect repellent is also recommended.

Report any problems with the box to Deneal at

(We are currently drying and replacing the box. We removed it on 1/6/05. It will be returned before 1/13/05.)