Mill Creek Streamway Trail #1  LbNA # 68 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 14 2002
LocationOlathe, KS
Found By The Byrds
Last Found Sep 15 2005
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Mill Creek Streamway Trail #1

Mill Creek Streamway Trail
Placed by Wes and Jess on 12/14/2002
City: Olathe
County: Johnson
State: Kansas

This box is between the 12.0 and 12.5 mile markers on Streamway Trail. There are official entry points on 119th St / Northgate and in the Northwood Trails subdivision north of 119th and west of Ridgeview. The trail crosses College Blvd just west of Ridgeview, so you could access it there as well, but the only parking is along the side of the road.

A map of the Streamway Trail (aka Mill Creek Streamway Park) can be found at:

From any of these spots, head north, past College Blvd. After you cross the road, your first landmark is the 12.5-mile marker. You’ll then head uphill and the trail will curve to the right. At this point you’ll see four gas utility markers, colored orange and yellow. As you get to the fourth one, there will also be a trail sign that says Caution: Slow: Steep Grade. The Caution sign is on the opposite side of the trail.

The box is hidden in the rocky slope. To find it, stand behind the Caution sign and face the fourth orange and yellow pole. Use a straight line between them to calibrate your pace, then continue into the rocks to find the box.

There are twenty paces (a pace is defined as a single footfall) between the two signs, diagonally (not along path, but directly between the poles.)
The box is ten paces beyond the orange and yellow pole, down in a crack. It is covered with a small white rock. You should be able to see the ziploc bag without moving any rocks, so don't tear up the entire hill, please.

Feel free to sit down and stamp in, but don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Please send comments to Wes.

Alive: 4/1/2004