Froggy Hollow Hop  LbNA # 6813

Placed DateJan 1 2004
LocationHyattstown, MD
Planted ByVespa Vikings    
Found By Sarge Kilroy
Last Found Aug 25 2015
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is in Little Bennett Regional Park near Hyattstown. The path is well-paved and bikes are permitted; strollers would work for all but the last few yards of the hike. The whole hike (out and back) is just over a mile.

Take I-270 to exit 18. Take Clarksburg Road (Route 121) over the traffic light at 355 approximately 2 miles. Shortly after the Froggy Hollow Schoolhouse trail crosses 121, turn right onto “Kingsley Road” – really just gravel parking lot where several walking/riding trails come together.

From the parking area, follow Kingsley Trail east as it follows Little Bennett Creek. You may be tempted to take a “Hard Cider” break – but keep on going the way of Kings, you’re halfway there.

Where Purdum meets Froggy Hollow and the “Royal Way” has come to an end, go right. Be a little Billy Goat Gruff and trip trap over Little Bennett Creek on the swingin’ way provided.

Ahead of you is one of the few 19th century one room school houses still existing in Montgomery County. Built in 1893 in an area known locally as "Froggy Hollow", the Kingsley school house served the community until it closed in 1935, when the great depression forced families to leave the area to look for work.

On the back side of the school (the west, or right-hand side) there is a sign that would be bad news for Trigger or Silver or Black Beauty. There is one number on the sign. In honor of the school house, here’s a little algebra problem: if X is the number on the sign, go up the hill to the right (south) X times X plus X steps. There is a cluster of three tree stumps. At the back side of the closest stump under a loose pile of rocks is the box you seek.

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