Edwards Ferry  LbNA # 6814 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 23 2003
LocationPoolesville, MD
Found By Debean
Last Found Apr 7 2007
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Edwards Ferry
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

From I-495, take the River Road exit (Rte.190) and head west, passing through Potomac. At the first stop sign, turn left, continuing on River Road. Continue heading west (road becomes Mt. Nebo Rd). Turn left on West Offutt Rd., then left again onto Edwards Ferry Rd., which leads to the park. At the stop sign, turn left and cross the bridge into the parking lot.

From Poolesville, head south out of town on West Willard Road. After the Poolesville Golf Course, turn right onto West Offutt Rd. Turn right at stop sign, continuing on West Offutt. At next stop sign, turn left onto Edwards Ferry Road, which leads to the park. At the stop sign, turn left and cross the bridge into the parking lot.

You are visiting the Edwards Ferry Lock on the C&O canal. During the Civil War, this was the site of Camp Lowe, from which Thaddeus Lowe launched balloon reconnaissance of Confederate soldiers across the river. Lowe made reconnaissance flights over many battle scenes for the Union Army. Carl Sandberg wrote that Lowe was the most shot-at man in the Civil War.

From the parking lot, head back up to the towpath. Turn right on the towpath, noting the lock number. Stroll along the river for about 5 minutes.

Immediately after the first bridge, descend the path that parallels the stream toward the Potomac River. Cross the concrete bridge over Goose Creek Lock, taking a few minutes to explore the area (On the Virginia side of the river, you can see Goose Creek. The lock beneath you provided canal access for boat traffic from Virginia). Continue on the path as it turns upriver.

Stop just before the path dips to the left, and head the number of paces of the lock number toward the one-eyed tree (about 030º if you have a compass). Before you is a crater of mysterious origin. Ponder it.

Turn left and follow the faint path, being careful not to trip over the small, moss-covered stump. Stop at the large, vine-strangled tree. Behind it, the twisty vines guard the letterbox.

Please replace the vines and sticks as you found them.