Fish Feeder  LbNA # 6815 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2004
LocationDesoto, KS
Planted ByWyldBlueberries    
Found By us4inKs
Last Found Aug 8 2007
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Fish Feeder

(7/2008: Sorry we're no longer to check or maintain our boxes. Check the latest status on LBNA prior to hunting it.)

4/2006: Back in action.

I believe this is the first letterbox at beautiful Kill Creek Park. This park is only a few years old, and the view here overlooking the lake at sunset is really special. My sons and I are the Fish Feeders, because we enjoy catching grasshoppers in the native grasses and tossing them in the lake for the fish to eat off the top.

The park is located at 11670 S Homestead Ln in Olathe, KS (although it's really closer to Desoto than to the rest of Olathe).

Park Hours:
Mar-Oct 5 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Nov-Feb 7:30 a.m. -8 a.m.

(Note: also check out the Rocky Slope Letterbox while you're here.)

Directions from I-435 or I-35:

- Just west of the I-435 and I-35 interchange, take Exit 1B onto K-10 towards Lawrence.

- Go about 10 miles and exit at Kill Creek Road

- Take Kill Creek Road south almost 3 miles until it dead-ends at 115th street

- Turn right (west) on 115th street and go about a half mile

- Turn left (south) on Homestead Lane

- The park is on your right toward the top of the hill

Start your hunt by parking at the Kill Creek Swimming Beach. Go right (West) on the sidewalk in front of the building. Walk all the way around the dam of the lake, until the sidewalk ends near the woods on the opposite side.

There should be a sign and pink ribbons marking a hiking trail directly ahead of you. Enter the woods and follow the trail about 75-100 yards until the trail intersects a very wide cleared path that goes up the hill.

Turn right and take this wide cleared path up the hill for 75 paces. You will see the hiking trail marked by pink ribbons again on your right. Re-enter the path (going back West) and hike quite a ways up the hill. Towards the top of the hill, you will see a large dead tree leaning up against a young tree off the trail on your left.

Stand next to the young tree, and face due North. About 20 paces straight ahead is a dead log laying under an evergreen tree (and hidden in tall weeds during the summer). The Fish Feeder box is hidden on the lake side, underneath the log where hopefully it will attract less attention from its furry neighbors.